About Berge Fest

"In celebration of B.G. Englert's contributions to Quantum Information, Quantum Optics, and the Foundations of Quantum Mechanics."

This conference has two purposes. The first is to discuss recent work in the broad area of quantum information theory, quantum optics and foundations of quantum mechanics. This includes e.g. work on non-classical light, open driven quantum systems, estimation & discrimination of quantum states, quantum tomography, the classical-quantum boundary, quantum many-body systems, interferometry and the foundations of quantum physics, and generally work whose purpose is to discover, understand, and apply quantum concepts and ideas. Applications of these concepts to quantum information, in particular to quantum computing and quantum cryptography, will also be covered. The second purpose is to celebrate the 60th birthday of Berge Englert. Berge's work in recent years has focused on the above topics, and with this conference we would like to honor both his contribution to physics and him as a person. Oral presentation at this workshop is for invited speakers only.

Janos Bergou (Hunter College of the CUNY)
Hans Briegel (University of Innsbruck and IQOQI)
Kwek Leong Chuan (NIE, NTU, and CQT, NUS)
Ng Hui Khoon (Yale-NUS College, and CQT, NUS)
Han Rui (CQT, NUS)

This event is jointly organised with the Institute of Advanced Studies, NTU.